Monday, November 15, 2010

World Vegan Day 2010!

We worked our butts off for days, long hours in the kitchen till the sun came up and then finally World Vegan Day was upon us and we were on zero sleep!

There was torrential rain on WVD but people kept coming to support veganism :) 

world vegan day 2010

WVD @ Abbotsford Convent
mister and mrs nice guy :)
We were so happy when World Vegan Day finally ended, we had never been so tired in our lives, thanks to all our volunteers who helped us on the day; Dave, Penny, Pru, Claire and Josh; you guys rocked!

our cupcakes!
 Thank goodness everything turned out so awesome and easy in the end, it was an amazing day!

our cupcake stall at wvd
our cupcakes!
moustache pendants!

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