Tuesday, April 12, 2011

♥ Cupcakes at Finders Keepers Market

finders keepers market is an 
awesome craft market for emerging designers 
that takes place at the docklands, in melbourne 
as well as Sydney and Brisbane

it's held every 3 months for a whole weekend, 
full of hand-made crafty goodness!
and we got to sell our cupcakes there, yu-huh!

our stall!

we displayed our cupcake jewelry on the other table with a 50s red checkered
table cloth and retro bake light nally kitchen canisters that i got for only $35 on ebay in perfect condition, i got lucky bc they usually sell for around $200

i retouched the blackboard w blackboard paint 
while lucas spray painted the turquoise border on it the night before.

and we got those awesome bunting 
flags from 'art to go' on Etsy, she's making us a cupcake bali flag 
for our soon-to-be-cafe in Brunswick too
with the help of our friends lizzie, dave, lisa and maria 
we made 1000 cupcakes of 5 flavours which included: 
key west, fuzzy ewok, zombie brainz, orange creamsicle and mr chocolate


Our Orange Creamsicle and Zombie Brainz Cupcakes,
hopefully we converted a few non-vegans

mister nice guy

moustache and cupcake jewelery 



our cupcake brooches, i freakin love these lil guys!
thanks made by white :)


 Mister Nice Guy Day of the Dead baker dude, 
I had this made by Deadly Pretty Things 
who also makes bride and groom Rockabilly dia de los muertos figurines. 
He's even got a little moustache if you look closely. 

♥  craft stalls

  truly amazing stalls at finders keepers, love all the jewelry and hand made things, although a couple of my guy friends mentioned that there was nothing really for them, hopefully the markets will start introducing some guy-friendly things soon too, like t-shirts and flannels shirts and some more horror themed stuff would be neat too... also i didn't see anything w dinosaurs, hopefully next time they'll introduce that too.

awesome stall # 1:


CatRabbit was my favorite stall, she's a textile artist from hobart
who makes woodland creature characters using faux fur and ethical felt.

this is me pictured with a CatRabbit turnip cloud thing over my head,
this is not photoshopped even thou it really looks like it is.
i keep this huge thing over my bed, makes me happy
every time i see it.

Freakishly beautiful lil Owl by CatRabbit,
i got this for Lucas's mum's b'day,
she's gonna love it when she gets it in the mail,
i seriously considered keeping this one for myself,
i have a secret now not so secret crush on her creatures,
she's having a gallery exhibition on wed April 20th where
she's featuring a stop motion animation of all her
crazy woodland creatures

 i picked this up from the CatRabbit stall too, i would have bought more if i could!
i wear this all the time now, even to the grocery store :)

more awesome creatures creations by CatRabbit,
i just missed out on the RedPanda one apparently, next time..

i could have sworn this lil guy looked at me then looked the other way,
wishful thinking, but i guess I'll see a lot of that when 
the artist animated these characters in her show.


Cookie meeting our lil owl friend for the first time, 
yes she did bite him a lil, no damage though,
she's still teething, i think she just wanted to make sure he wasn't real..

could you sleep w a giant turnip cloud over your bed? we can :)

awesome stall # 2:

 Trial and Error
 The hanging 3d pyramid paper displays by Trial and Error were fantastic!
I kept some fallen triangles for myself and took them home.

  they had an amazing stall which was the best part of the market bc it was interactive, colorful and fun, where they made origami necklace, crowns and belts for people and gave them instructions to use and take home.

the girls there swapped a red heart origami paper necklace with me for a cupcake :)

awesome stall # 3:

Able and Game

 'I'd put two straws in my juicebox for you',
freakin excellent cards by Able and Game
i should have also baught the one that goes-
'thanks for letting me stay on your couch, sorry about the vomit'.

i love the artwork and the quirky messages, those guys are cool.

awesome stall # 4:
Mr Lincoln Florist

 this was another of my other favorite stall and we got to be right next to it!

 my friend cut this out for me and i drew the cupcake,
might have to make more of these for next time 
bc a lot of ppl were asking about them!
maybe next market?

 this is the first thing i picked up from the very first 
finders keepers market in sydney a few years back, 
funny how manifesting works :)

 lucas's mum's care package :)
a little bit of everything from finders keepers market 
Finders Keepers Market, Docklands, March 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

where have we been?

 This is long overdue, more like a catch up..
We try to attend and sell our cupcakes at events that we would want to be at, 
so we've been doing exactly that.

Roller Derby 
Nov 5th

We were at November 5ths Roller Derby Game at Reservoir selling cupcakes and got to meet the girls in the locker rooms and treat them with cupcakes!
Wish I was better w photos, sorreeeee!

girls are not always sugar and spice
roller derby crowds

Thanking the Monkey Book Signing 
Oct 14th

Pam from Edgar's Mission invited us to sell cupcakes at animal rights activist Karen Dawn's book signing night for Thanking The Monkey at The Kindness house.



Animal Liberation Protest
Oct 5th @ Meat Market, QVM

Me on the left at the peaceful meat market protest for ALV.

 World Animal Day
Sep 5th @ Edgar's Mission

Our first official cupcake stall at World Animal Day at Edgar's Mission, 
managed to sell 300 cupcakes in 3 hours!

Sept 5th

First time we sold cupcakes was at the Oscar's Law Puppy Rally in September last year.