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 August, 2010

Hello! Welcome to our blog!

Here's a little bit about Lucas and Deb and how we started our cupcake business...

We had an idea of starting up a cupcake business for years now, but it's only until we became vegan that we realized we had to do it and the best time would be right now.

Lucas stealing treats at his g'ma's house
Lucas had always baked as a child; frequently getting into trouble for eating entire cakes and sneaking into the kitchen in his pjs in the middle of the night and smuggeling berries into his bed; his g'ma would wake up and see him with red stains all over his face and think he was murdered in his sleep.

While I (Deb) had always bossed my two younger sisters around, talking them into cleaning my room and telling them that if they do a good job they will get presents- the presents were their own toys; I also used to talk them into pushing me around on a toy cart, either my sister's were very gullible or I was an evil genuis... mwahahaha!!

Lucas travelling the states via ice-cream truck
We both grew up and traveled around for a long time...

Lucas in an ice-cream truck traveled around America, selling coconuts and singing pirate songs to tourists in key west while living on a boat with the owner of a nudist colony.

Deb @ Beni River, Ruranabaqua, Bolivia
While Deb moved around from South America to London to Israel working as a graphic artist and arts writer, then finally bumped into Lucas is Portland, Oregon very randomly and have been together ever since, traveling around and finally setteling down in Melbourne...

Baking at Lentils
When we moved to Melbourne we became vegan after getting in touch with Animal Liberation Victoria and found there was a huge vegan community here who were very very hungry.

So we decided to finally start up our cupcake business and make it all vegan.

Lucas experimented with the baking and taught himself all over again how to bake- vegan, while I designed the logo, the wesbite and looked into starting up a business.

The Lenti's As Anything Philosophy

We're starting our new business quite small, by working out of Lentils as Anything from 9pm till sometimes 6am and paying rent in cupcakes.

We then go and do our own deliveries all morning the next day and then finally come home and sleep for a few hours, and get started again at 9pm.

It's tough sometimes, but we adore what we're doing, and somewhere down the line when we can we will have to get a bakery going very soon... we hope!

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