Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mister Nice Guy Loses His Frosting

Our new Cupcake Comic ad!

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Edition of Beat Magazine (page 38)

This strip was a collaboration of Frantz, Lucas and Deb and designed by Deb

Comic is a reference to the mockumentary 'This is Spinal Tap' film, 
here's the clip if you can't remember..

Our comic ad in Beat Mag December 1st Issue :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Empire Strikes Back Cafe Gets Veganized!

Places We love: Empire Strikes Back Cafe

Empire Strikes Back Cafe 295 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria has their own Vegan Menu, including French Toast, Vegie Burgers, Napoli 'no eggs', creamy vegan milkshakes and much more and of course our cupcakes are delivered there Wednesday's and Friday's.

photo by where's the beef?
We supply cupcakes to Empire because when we went there we fell head over heals in love with Tamara's vegie burgers  :)

Here's one of the cupcakes that we supply to Empire- Key West (Key Lime Frosting on Coconut cupcake).

Awesome art space in the back for quiet eating and playing video games...

Best breakfast to cure a hangover @ empire strikes back cafe!

Tamara gives the biggest bowl of wedges w 3 different dipping sauce, vegan strawberry banana milkshake and best BEST BEST vegie burger we've ever had, left so full and satisfied, thank goodness for empire cafe! best thing of all tamara is awesome, loves teenage mutant ninja turtles even more than we do and makes the biggest portions ever :)

We haven't been able to have a milkshake in forever, empire makes killer milkshakes w vegan icecream and strawberries and bananas, i finished most of lucas's one after mine ;p

Take a look at this, the burger is not only fresh with yummy fresh crispy vegies but the vegie patty is something from another planet, it is awesome! The wedges are crispy and addictive, you leave feeling full and satisfued and craving for more.
 Best freaking vegan strawberry banana milkshakes ever!

We went to empire for some hangover cure food after our big night out at the cherry bar, found this lil room in the back where they have film nights, (movies by request!!) awesome! 
Lucas's request is 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' with David Bowie.

Empire has a quieter area at the back, with wall to wall artwork and a video game u can play- for free!

>>> Links to Empire Cafe Gallery Bar / Empire Strikes Back Cafe:

Cupcake Comics Pt 1

Mister Nice Guy Meets Mr. Broccoli!
 Mister Nice Guy Meets A Cute Kitty
Mister Nice Guy Can Handle The Truth 

become a planeteer!


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the baddie

how cool is this!?

i was always water and had a crush on the fire guy... yeh...

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New neopolitan cake!

My 28th bday came and went but there's still cake in the fridge!

This is such a huge cake we just can't finish it, any takers!
It's soooo delicious! Lucas asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my bday and I asked for this godzilla of a cake- the triple decker Neopolitan! Every layer has frosting starting with strawberry, to chocolate to vanilla... YUM!!!

 We've also started making this in cupcake form, photos to come!

and... on an unrelated note, i got the BEST bday presents... a furry my lil pony! and I'm getting 7 more! :)

my sister sam baught me this in august and it's been sitting in the cupboard this entire time, it works and come with a tape and story book,  it's soo cool!!

Cruelty-free t-shirt's by Deb

November, 2010
Cruelty-free t-shirts!

What made the day even better at World Vegan Day was that ALV were selling two t-shirts that I had designed, the Pow Cow Go Vegan! and The Chikee Vegan tees... take a look! I have one of each now, and plan to make a piggie one for them soon too :)

My Pow Cow GO VEGAN tee!

Chikee tees for sale at the ALV stall @ World Vegan Day

my chikee tees @ a protest at Queen Victoria markets in early October

>>> here's more stuff from deb's personal site: http://deborahkantor.webs.com/

World Vegan Day 2010!

We worked our butts off for days, long hours in the kitchen till the sun came up and then finally World Vegan Day was upon us and we were on zero sleep!

There was torrential rain on WVD but people kept coming to support veganism :) 

world vegan day 2010

WVD @ Abbotsford Convent
mister and mrs nice guy :)
We were so happy when World Vegan Day finally ended, we had never been so tired in our lives, thanks to all our volunteers who helped us on the day; Dave, Penny, Pru, Claire and Josh; you guys rocked!

our cupcakes!
 Thank goodness everything turned out so awesome and easy in the end, it was an amazing day!

our cupcake stall at wvd
our cupcakes!
moustache pendants!