Sunday, November 14, 2010

Moustache Brooches!

how awesome are these brooches!

I've always had a crush on the Made by White store when I used to live in Sydney- it's run by two sister's who have a knack for collecting the cutest freaking things imaginable. 

When I think of them I imagine these two awesome girls making things all day in their home filled with rabbits and squirrels and little red riding hood ornamanets, we were totally thrilled they offered to make out moustache brooches! 

We sold these moustache pendants at World Vegan day and donated
part of the profits to Animal Liberation Victoria.

Soon we'll be getting Made By White to make us 
our moustache characters in pendants, whoohoo!
Blog on Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes 
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Another good reason to love Melbourne

18 October 2010 

There are so many good reasons to visit Melbourne (or live there) I’ve just found another one (one week too late for our visit) – the cutest vegan cupcake shop there is – It’s called Mister Nice Guy and it has the best site as well AND Check out these flavours AND they deliver AND it’s animal friendly which of course is the best part!!

Why, oh why can’t we have one of these in Sydney?

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