Monday, November 15, 2010

Empire Strikes Back Cafe Gets Veganized!

Places We love: Empire Strikes Back Cafe

Empire Strikes Back Cafe 295 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria has their own Vegan Menu, including French Toast, Vegie Burgers, Napoli 'no eggs', creamy vegan milkshakes and much more and of course our cupcakes are delivered there Wednesday's and Friday's.

photo by where's the beef?
We supply cupcakes to Empire because when we went there we fell head over heals in love with Tamara's vegie burgers  :)

Here's one of the cupcakes that we supply to Empire- Key West (Key Lime Frosting on Coconut cupcake).

Awesome art space in the back for quiet eating and playing video games...

Best breakfast to cure a hangover @ empire strikes back cafe!

Tamara gives the biggest bowl of wedges w 3 different dipping sauce, vegan strawberry banana milkshake and best BEST BEST vegie burger we've ever had, left so full and satisfied, thank goodness for empire cafe! best thing of all tamara is awesome, loves teenage mutant ninja turtles even more than we do and makes the biggest portions ever :)

We haven't been able to have a milkshake in forever, empire makes killer milkshakes w vegan icecream and strawberries and bananas, i finished most of lucas's one after mine ;p

Take a look at this, the burger is not only fresh with yummy fresh crispy vegies but the vegie patty is something from another planet, it is awesome! The wedges are crispy and addictive, you leave feeling full and satisfued and craving for more.
 Best freaking vegan strawberry banana milkshakes ever!

We went to empire for some hangover cure food after our big night out at the cherry bar, found this lil room in the back where they have film nights, (movies by request!!) awesome! 
Lucas's request is 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' with David Bowie.

Empire has a quieter area at the back, with wall to wall artwork and a video game u can play- for free!

>>> Links to Empire Cafe Gallery Bar / Empire Strikes Back Cafe:!/pages/Melbourne-Australia/Empire-Cafe-GalleryBar/124340554282985


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    Would you like your blog to be a part of Planet VegMel ( Let me know and I can add it so that all your posts also appear on the VegMel website.


  2. I love Empire! I only just sat out the back for the first time last week (I prefer sitting in the front room, with all the light), but it was cooool. I want to sample some more of the awesome vegan breakfast menu.

  3. i had the french toast there today, freaking awesome! Tam makes them with cinnamon and strawberries, arrrgh!

  4. Thanks for posting this, hubby-to-be found it and took me there to try your key west cupcake.
    WOW! Flavor explosion!